Thursday, August 4, 2011

Step 8

made a lists to all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all

step 8 ask us to suspend judgement, bitterness, and resentments towards others. It may be tempting to tell ourselves that we will make amends to others if and when we know they can reciprocate. the spirit of step 8 however requires that we be willing to make such amends unconditionally. How can we forgive and make amends to whom we feel have offended us in the past? How can we forgive when the stings of wounds are still fresh and alive in our hearts? The willingness to forgive can be attained only when we have passed through a series of  God given steps for grieving over these offenses, if we have been violated by others, we must expierience the stages of shock,denial, anger, depression,and sadness in order to purify our hearts only then we will be able to aproach the final step of the grieving process-forgiveness-without resentment and with emotional integrity.

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  1. The board and staff of the Alano Club are a bunch of backstabbing cowards. They neither know the 8th through 10th steps, nor how to make appologies or amends. The Alano Club is not related to AA, nor is it a club - its a click, its not a club, its a facility.